For all its luxury features, you might be wondering if you can take your Cadillac experience a step further with the added control of all-wheel-drive. The answer is yes, even if in most cases it doesn’t come as a standard feature. What’s even more impressive is that if you do decide to upgrade your engine, you’ll get very similar, if not identical fuel economy, which is something most other manufacturers can’t say.


Beginning with Cadillac’s sedan offerings, the CTS lineup comes standard with rear-wheel-drive with the option to upgrade to all-wheel-drive. This is true for at least the Standard, Luxury, and Premium Luxury trim levels, but once you hit the V-Series CTS models, you’re out of luck.

Moving on up the XTS sedans, you also have the option to upgrade to all-wheel-drive, but you can’t do so unless you select the Luxury trim level or higher. The trade-off, however, is that the highest trim, the V-Sport Platinum, comes standard with all-wheel drive courtesy of an exclusive 410 horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine.

Like the XTS model, the high-end CT6 also features all-wheel drive options at every trim level above the base. All-wheel-drive comes standard on the CT6 at either of its highest trims, the Sport and the Platinum, while you’ll have to invest in an upgrade if you choose the Luxury or Premium Luxury trims.


Moving on over to Cadillac’s coupe offerings, you’ll be able to choose all-wheel-drive from the ATS model’s standard trim level as an available option. Fuel economy largely the same either way you go, so if you’re willing to put forth a little bit more money on the MSRP, the value you’ll get after driving off the lot will be even higher.


Cadillac’s SUV offerings in terms of all-wheel drive are a lot more straightforward than either the sedans or coupes. Simply put, every trim level of the XT4 and XT5 have all-wheel-drive as an available option with the notable exception being the XT5’s Platinum trim level offering it as a standard feature. The Escalade, on the other hand, officially has four-wheel drive options instead of all-wheel-drive.

So there you have it, all-wheel drive is predominantly available no matter which option you choose, but it’s important to be aware that some base trim levels don’t give you the choice. Georgia drivers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the level of control they want over the road, so if you want to roll up to a Falcons game in style, you won’t do better than the inventory from Classic Cadillac of Atlanta.