Cadillac V-Series Performance

The Cadillac V-Series lineup comprises an awe-inspiring style with high engineering standards, intuitive technology, and performance-enhancing features. The V-Series models help transform your journey into the destination.

Explore the innovations that elevate the V-Series to prominence, including performance-style Brembo® brakes systems, an Electronic Limited-Slip Differential, and Magnetic Ride Control. See what emboldens the V-Series unique of individual V-Series models.

The Evolving V-Series

The V-Series stands at the heart of the Cadillac brand, combining raw power and refinement, intensified street driving, and bold, performance-inspired styling.

Now in its fourth generation, the legendary V-Series expands to include the first-ever Escalade-V, the most powerful full-size SUV in the industry.

V-Series Features

The Cadillac V-Series is a stunning, high-performance vehicle lineup that exemplifies power, elegance, and innovation. Here's a closer look at the key features of the V-Series and an overview of the lineup, emphasizing their performance characteristics.

This cutting-edge suspension system allows for precise handling and a smooth ride. It works by continuously monitoring road conditions and adjusting damping rates in real time. The result is exceptional cornering and stability, making every drive a true pleasure.
Cadillac V-Series models have an advanced electronic limited-slip differential that helps maintain optimal traction and control. This feature ensures power is evenly distributed between the rear wheels, which promotes improved handling and stability, particularly during high-performance driving scenarios.
V-Mode is an exclusive feature designed for the V-Series, enabling drivers to personalize their driving experience. This customizable setting allows for adjustments to the steering, suspension, and powertrain settings, providing an unmatched level of control for the driver.
Aesthetically speaking, the V-Series lineup boasts an aggressive and sporty design that reflects its high-performance capabilities. Aerodynamic lines, sculpted body panels, and stylish accents create an imposing presence on the road.
The V-Series is equipped with Brembo performance brakes, known for their superior stopping power and durability. These high-performance brakes offer consistent braking performance even under extreme conditions, ensuring driver confidence during spirited driving.

Exclusive Racing Features

The Cadillac V-Series models are the pinnacle of the brand's love for performance and racing. Here is a breakdown of the exclusive racing features found in these exceptional machines:

Each V-Series vehicle is adorned with a unique serialized steering wheel plate, signifying the exclusivity and individuality of these high-performance machines. The small but significant detail highlights every V-Series model's attention to detail and craftsmanship.
The V-Series lineup showcases a 6-speed manual transmission that gives drivers complete control over their driving experience. This transmission is specifically engineered for quick and precise gear changes, ensuring a seamless connection between the driver and the vehicle.
Designed for optimum grip and control, the high-performance steering wheel found in the V-Series vehicles enhances the driving experience. The ergonomically designed wheel allows for precise handling and feedback during spirited driving.

Carbon Fiber-Accented Front Seats

The V-Series vehicles feature carbon fiber-accented front seats, perfectly balancing comfort and support. These seats are lightweight and robust, ensuring drivers remain secure and comfortable during high-performance driving.


The aerodynamic design of the V-Series vehicles plays a crucial role in their performance capabilities. Enhanced airflow management, reduced drag, and optimized downforce contribute to improved stability and handling at high speeds.

Driving Tools

The V-Series lineup has state-of-the-art driving tools like the Performance Data Recorder and Cosworth Toolbox. These advanced systems allow drivers to analyze and improve their driving performance by capturing and analyzing real-time data during each drive.