If you're a fan of Cadillac but want to see some EV models introduced into the lineup, there's good news coming your way. To stay in line with the future of other fellow automakers, the brand has developed two noteworthy concept vehicles that can be expected to hit the market in the coming years. Learn more about this exciting new addition to the lineup today, and then keep in contact with the friendly team here at Classic Cadillac of Atlanta to learn more about when you can expect their debut.

Entering the World of EV Models

Cadillac is not particularly well-known for offering a broad range of alternatively-powered cars and SUVs. Most shoppers interested in Cadillac models love the powerful gasoline engines that grace each model and look towards the technology, safety, and luxury design innovations as opposed to hybrid options. However, electrified power can now combine with these new concept vehicles, providing two viable choices that many Atlanta drivers may be interested in.

Introducing the Cadillac EV Options

The Cadillac EV is the all-electric concept vehicle offered by the brand, which displays the kind of alternatively-powered innovations that the brand hopes to adopt across the lineup in the future. Like most carmakers these days, Cadillac plans to move towards an all-electric automotive future, and this is their first step in doing so.

The Cadillac Lyriq

The first option is the Cadillac Lyriq, which will sit at a crossover stance not dissimilar to that of the Cadillac XT5 on the market today. Combining exterior appearances that blend crossover and wagon bodies, this futuristic model features a sweeping roofline and athletic body that many families will love. Inside the Lyriq concept vehicle, a large, 34-inch curved digital display places the instrument cluster and infotainment screen in one easy to use place. Some drivers may recognize this design from the newest generation of the Cadillac Escalade.

The Lyriq will feature four comfortable seats for your whole family to enjoy, along with additional technology features and a touchscreen for second-row passengers.

The Cadillac Celestiq

An additional option introduced as part of the EV lineup is the Cadillac Celestiq. This model is designed to be produced in low quantities and is the more luxurious option of the two. Styled as the flagship electric vehicle, this model is expected to feature a high price and all the latest in performance, design, technology, and safety features for Atlanta drivers to enjoy.

With a hatchback stance, four comfortable seats, and a dominant 23-inch wheel stance, this model is low to the ground and features a long, crawling look to it as it drives down the road. Of course, large interior screens, state-of-the-art technology additions, and other one-of-a-kind features make this an all-electric vehicle for the top tier.

Stay Up to Date with Classic Cadillac of Atlanta

If you love the Cadillac name, you're most likely looking forward to the introduction of an all-electric vehicle to the lineup. The thrilling stances of these two options and what we know so far about their included features is certainly something to get excited about. While we don't have any hard dates so far, trust us, we're ensuring we're some of the first to know about the arrival of these models to the lot. If you're an interested shopper who'd like to be made aware of the availability of the Cadillac EV models, go ahead and reach out to us today. We'll keep your name on our list and update you frequently.

The future of EV performance can be found with Cadillac.

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