So you're in the market for a luxurious and spacious vehicle, but don't want to deal with the bulk of an SUV. Fair enough, so a sedan is on your radar, and Cadillac as a legendary lineup of powerful sedans waiting for you to choose from. But the question is, which one is the biggest? Which one best fits as a weekend outing vehicle? Which one comfortably fits those closest to you on an evening out without feeling claustrophobic?

These are all great questions and we will break down all of Cadillac's sedan offerings by size so that you can determine which one is right for you.

Starting at the base level, if you can even call it that, is Cadillac's CTS models. It has an overall length of 195.5 inches, a width of 72.2 inches, and a height of 57.2 inches. It's sleek yet aggressive stance is optimized by a front track width of 61.4 inches and grows steadily wider as you move towards the rear end, resulting in a rear track width of 61.7 inches. A wheelbase of 114.6 inches gives the CTS attractive proportions and a convenient level of space to get in and out of the vehicle.

On the inside, the CTS features a total cargo volume of 13.7 cubic-feet. Drivers have a nice amount of space to work with thanks to 40.4 inches of head room, 45.7 inches of leg room, 56.9 inches of shoulder room, and 53.8 inches of hip room.

Moving on to the XTS, we have a clear upgrade in terms of both exterior size and interior space. The XTS comes in a just over 200 inches of overall length, 72.9 inches in width, and 59.4 inches of height.

As a result, we get a jump in total cargo volume that clocks in at 18 cubic feet. However, this comes at a slight downgrade in head room and leg room to 39 inches and 42.1 inches respectively. It's not all that noticeable when compared to the CTS, which is also helped by the fact that you get more shoulder and hip room.

The CT6 has the largest exterior of the three, coming in at 205.8 inches of length, 74 inches of width, and 58 inches of height. The odd thing about the CT6 is that it doesn't translate into more cargo volume.

The CT6's final total cargo volume is 15.8 cubic-feet of space, a downgrade from the XTS, but an improvement over the CTS. This also results in better head room and leg room than the XTS, and better shoulder and hip room than the CTS.

As far as performance goes, there are a couple of nuggets we can take away from the size of these sedans. The CTS may be smaller in overall size but is able to get better horsepower on its 3.6-liter V6 than the XTS. The CT6 gets the lowest horsepower on its base engine thanks to its increased size, which is the same engine housed in the lower end CTS. Upgrading to the 3.6-liter twin turbo engine still falls short of both the CTS and the XTS V-Sport Platinum trim levels, so it's clear that size does factor into how much power a Cadillac can output.

As you can see, the Cadillac CT6 is technically the largest of the vehicles by its exterior size even if it isn't designed in a way that maximizes cargo volume. It gets the lowest horsepower of the three, but the difference isn't something that's likely to affect your outlook on the vehicle. No matter which Cadillac sedan you select, you'll be getting the very best in luxury.
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